Gencoa have a well-established track record of providing rectangular planar magnetrons and technology for coating of flexible substrates, architectural glass, solar cells, displays, touch screens and semiconductor wafers. In particular, the electrical insulation of our cathodes mean we are the partner of choice for any high power RF or HIPIMS application.

Single Rectangular

Robust design, low maintenance costs, and a wide range of magnetic options available.

Dual Rectangular

Arrangement of a pair of planar magnetrons onto a single mounting flange, available with a choice of mounting styles.

Compact rectangular

A recent introduction to Gencoa's rectangular range, designed to meet the demanding requirements of a small format magnetron.

Rectangular XH

High target use and a clean target surface, delivering high quality films and long target lifetimes.

Rectangular VTFLEX

Part of the Vtech range of products, providing precise film uniformity adjustments of sputtered layers.

Retrofit magnetics

Replacement magnetic systems to existing planar magnetrons for increased performance or replacement of defective magnets.


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