Retrofit magnetics

In some cases where it is not necessary or desirable to replace a complete magnetron cathode, it is possible for Gencoa to provide a replacement magnetic system to fit into the existing cathode body. This is a cost-effective method of upgrading the performance of the current system.

In nearly all cases it is possible to fit our standard balanced (SW) or unbalanced (PP) magnetic systems. In 70% of cases it is possible to fit our high yield (HY) type magnetics.

The possible reasons to replace magnets are include the following:

  • Defective magnets
    • Corrosion of magnets located in water (very common)
    • Over-heating and degaussing of the magnets
  • To increase target utilization
  • To increase magnetic field strength for low pressure/voltage or magnetic material sputtering
  • To improve coating uniformity in both circular and rectangular geometries
  • To enhance plasma reactivity and energy by unbalancing the magnetic field
  • To reduce arcing by avoiding closed magnetic field interactions with system anodes
  • To achieve cleaner targets, especially in reactive sputtering

Contact [email protected] with details of your current cathodes and required magnetics to discuss the available options for a planar magnetron retrofit.



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