3G Circular

Gencoa's third generation range of small circular magnetrons - available in target diameters of 2" to 5" - includes ±45˚ tilt adjustment, gas injection and a rear utility box for DC, DC-pulsed, RF and HIPIMS processes as standard.

The sources can be fitted with various magnetic and mechanical options, leading to performance benefits appropriate for differing applications, and are built to reliably work with DC, RF, pulsed DC and HiPIMS power supplies.

Key features

  • Smallest footprint
  • ± 45º tilt angle adjustment (1° accuracy)
  • Standard target sizes
  • High yield (HY) magnetics available for 4" and 5" target diameters
  • Internal gas injection as standard
  • Rear utility box as standard for RF and HIPIMS
  • Easy target change and choice of target thickness (1-6mm)
  • High strength magnetics for sputtering of magnetic material
  • Indirect or direct target cooling (pre-configured)

Mechanical options

Gencoa circular magnetrons come with a wide choice of mechanical options. All magnetrons are available for internal or external mount, with the following additional options: manual or pneumatic shutter, chimney, wallmount feedthrough, hidden and water-cooled anode.


The table below shows the different options of 3G circular magnetrons, along with each of the included mechanical options. Click on the PDF icons to download dimensional drawings for the required target size.

    Tilt Gas injection Utility box 2" 3" 4" 5"
3G Internal  
3G-A Internal    
3G-B Internal      
3G-C Internal    
3G-E External      




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Product brochure

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